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Day 3 : Opening


Opening: Dr. Hava Vidergor 

    Sarah Keating Council of Europe- Education of highly able students 

    Keynote: Dr. Roxana G. Reichman  

    Teaching gifted through moral dilemmas 

Online resources for teachers of gifted

  1. Oracle - an advisory online program supporting communities of gifted students. Jessica Potts, United States 

  2. EGIFT, a free European online learning resource providing professional development on gifted education: Assessment by in-service Greek teachers. Haido Samaras, Andreas Anestis, and Georgia Tsoulfa, Greece 

  3. Orienting teacher-student interaction towards learning motivation: A tool for the division of motivational profile as a means of encouraging learning. Klanait Segal Levit, Israel 

Developing gifted students skills

  1. A multilevel analysis: The relationship between scientific achievement and creativity.  Gülşah Batdal Karaduman, Turkey

  2. When it is, and when it is not?  A neuropsychological perspective on giftedness and Autism Justin Gardner, and Paul Beljan, United States 

  3. Initiating and implementing a Talent Search. Tyler Clark and Julia  Link Roberts, United States;  




Mentoring gifted students: Academic and social/emotional approaches. 

Mark Smith and Amy Horneman, Australia 

The Teacher Of Gifted And Able Students

  1. Teacher's behavior in fostering student's creativity across different school level: A call for differential learning strategies. Shahnaz Safitri, and Brendha C. Tanujaya, Farida Kurniawati, Indonesia; 

  2. Enticing high-ability students to learn: What makes a “good” teacher?  Colm O'Reilly, Tracy L. Cross, and Jennifer Riedl Cross, United States 

  3. Teacher nomination after identification: Comparison of two nomination strategies to nominate gifted students for special activitiesSumeyye Arkan, Turkey 

roundtable - the role and practice of mentoring





The role and practice of mentoring in Hungarian complex talent support programs.        Csilla Fuszek, Hungary Emese K. Nagy, Hungary  Csilla Suhajda, Hungary Szilvia Fodor, Hungary  






Problem-Based Learning: Using the Power of Stories to Drive the Curriculum. Shelagh A. Gallagher, United States 






Values and Knowledge Education in the Context of SRL. 

Hadas Shelly- Huber Meirav Madmony- Azoulay and Ronit Shiran, Israel

Tramsformational giftedness




Afternoon Keynote Speech: Prof. Robert Sternberg 

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