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Day 1 : Opening & Keynot

Opening:    Dr. Hava Vidergor

Greetings: Prof.  Yecheskel Taler – President of Gordon Academic College

                                               Prof. Lianne Hoogeveen – President of ECHA

                                               Prof. Denise Fleith - President of WCGTC         

                            Keynote: Menachem Nadler

                           Programs in Israel and teaching gifted in the regular classroom.

Giftedness is not only iq

  1. Moral intelligence and its importance for exceptional pre-service teachers. Avital Hecht and Ilana Levenberg, Israel

  2. The impact of reflective tale therapy on SEL skills of the gifted.  Orsolya Német and Szilvia Fodor, Hungary

  3. Broad thinking as a tool for cultivating emotional aspects among teacher education students. Mirit Sharon, Israel

Programs in gifted education

  1. Art education and gifted children. Tav Rubin, Israel

  2. But after all: have we thought enough about what a “domain” or what a "field" is? János Gordon Gyori, Hungary

  3. Ruach Tzeira program for talented high-school students in the humanities. Zeev Elitzur and Noa Milikowsky, Israel

Language for the gifted

  1. How thought-provoking visual inputs can raise verbal talent in gifted upper secondary school students. Alice Azzalini, Italy

  2. The effects of language aptitude on bilingual development in classroom settingsJohn W. Schwieter, Canada and Aline Ferreira, United States.

  3. Inclusive Language Learning Practices (ILLP) for primary school learners with advanced language skills. Alberta Novello, Italy and Rosienne Camilleri, Malta

Perceptions about gifted students and giftedness

  1. Girls do not play chess: On gifted children in the media. Shai Rudin, Israel

  2. The perceptions of teachers, principals, and parents regarding gifted children. Åsa Morin, Sweden

  3. Pre-service teachers' myths about giftedness. Gülşah Batdal Karaduman, Turkey


The pleasure of discovery: Enrichment online class. Martina Brazzolotto, Italy


Essential understandings for social and emotional curriculum. Bronwyn MacFarlane, United States


Beit midrash method for collaborative learning. Hadas Shelly-Huber and Yitzhak (Zahi) Blau, Israel;


From the horses' mouth: Gifted teenagers' perceptions of their learning experiences. Leehu Zysberg, Israel


Pathways to talent: Three perspectives on gifted education for pre-service teachers. Ann Robinson, United States Kristen Seward, United States Sheyanne S. Smith, United States 

Mentoring for STEMM Talent Development

Prof. Heidrun Stoeger and Prof. Albert Ziegler Mentoring talents: Developmental background and practical implementation

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