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Menachem Nadler

Head of Division for Gifted and Outstanding Students in the Ministry of Education, Israel

Menachem Nadler, M.A is the Head of Division for Gifted and Outstanding Students in the Ministry of Education in Israel. He has a practical-engineering degree in electronics & computer from the Open University in Israel, a bachelor's degree in education from Bar-Ilan University in Israel and a master's degree in information & communication technology (ICT) in Education from the Derby University in England. Menachem graduated the academic program for school principals and served for many years as a teacher, educator, college lecturer, and as a principal of Enrichment center for Gifted and Excellence students responsible for the cultivation of students from 3rd to 10th grade. In his previous position before he was appointed head of the division, he worked as the Israeli Northern District Supervisor in charge of programs for the gifted and outstanding students and of self-managed elementary schools.

The Gifted and Outstanding Division, under his management, has promoted nurturing programs for the identified population, open and budget additional frameworks and programs for nurturing, developed pedagogical tools practices of working with gifted and outstanding students within regular schools and heterogeneous classes while emphasizing equal opportunities for peripheral areas and reducing disparities. One of the goals that Menachem promotes in his role is to expand the circles of belonging and influence of the gifted and outstanding students through the cultivation programs. The goal is to direct them to personal and human excellence along with the development of talent and ability, to create positive and influential leadership that will contribute to all humanity.


Menachem Nadler
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