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Prof. Rhonda Sofer

Director of International Center GACE

Prof. Rhonda Sofer is an applied anthropologist who has been working in the field of teacher training for over 30 years. She was the program initiator and coordinator of two European Commission capacity building programs: TEMPUS IV Fifth call program Development of an International Model for Curriculum Reform in; Multicultural Education and Diversity Training (acronym DOIT); and Curriculum Reform for Promoting Civic Education and Democracy in Israel and in Georgia (acronym CURE). Lecturing in higher educational institutions in Israel since 1979, Dr. Sofer has introduced anthropology and multicultural education to thousands of Jewish and Arab Israeli students and teachers. In addition, she has initiated programs and/or developed resources for a range of community projects that included a mentoring program for Ethiopian children, tolerance educational programs in Hebrew and in Arabic speaking schools, a Holocaust teacher training program, a program that empowers Ethiopians to be teachers in Israel, and international tri-city project (Haifa-Boston-Dnepropetrovsk) which trains teachers at a Ukrainian Center for Special Needs (since 2002) and a student-foreign exchange program.


Prof. Rhonda Sofer
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